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    Your personal image

    To feel good about yourself and your personal image will make you feel confident in any situation, ready to meet other people and new challenges. You know that your “inner you” will be a reflection in the “outer you”. Thus you will always make a positive first impression, be it at work, social events, public or private life.

    To create this positive image is my work as an image consultant. I will help you find the color scheme which suits your complexion, the cut of clothes that most flatters your personal body shape, the make-up which will reveal your unique beauty and your personal style which will show who you really are.

    I will guide you with professionalism and respect in an atmosphere of confidentiality and privacy. I will help you to express yourself, to feel harmony and trust. I will show you how to manage your personal image, your wardrobe and your shopping and you will realize how much easier your life has become and you will rediscover the pleasure of positively taking care of your new and true image.